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General Insurance

Motor Insurance/Car

As per Indian Motor Vehicle Act, all vehicles plying on the roads are mandated to possess valid insurance failing to hold is a punishable offence. There exists plenty of confusion among people when it comes to opt for right motor coverage.

Vehicles are classified as Private Car, Motorized Wheelers like Motor Cycle, Scooter etc, and Commercial Vehicles like Goods Carrying Vehicles, Passenger Carrying Vehicles and Miscellaneous Vehicles.

A comprehensive motor insurance covers:

  • Accidental damage
  • Fire, depreciation, burglary, theft, self-ignition and other natural calamities
  • Cost of replacement, repairs to the damaged vehicle
  • Personal accident cover
  • Third party legal liability

Types of motor insurance policy:

  • Liability only policy
  • Package policy

The vehicle that you own is more than a means of transport. Helping you find the right cover you need, at the best possible price. Go and buy a motor policy not only because it is mandatory by law but provides excellent means of caring for your most valuable asset.

Health Insurance

Does soaring health costs, bearing skyrocketing treatment and medication emptying your pockets? Paying for medical expenses can be tiresome and tedious task when you're hospitalized. Failing to opt for right health insurance coverage is not only a threat to your but a sure shot way to blow all your retirement savings.

Reasons why health insurance is the need of the hour?
Indian families face number of challenges, which are:

  • Soaring health care costs
  • Financial burden on sole breadwinner in a family
  • Increase in nuclear families aroused the need of long term and nursing care for senior citizens system
  • Active lifestyles, poor eating habits have enhanced the occurrence of new diseases and health risks

Stay in pink of your health while staying on top of your finances.

Individual Mediclaim Insurance: Under individual mediclaim, each insured holds a separate sum insured. In case, an involvement of two or more family members, family discount in premium is allowed. 

Family Floater Health Insurance: When it comes to safeguard health of your loved ones, there is nothing like family floater health insurance plans. Under this policy, an insurer shares the entire sum insured among the family members covered under the policy without any individual sum insured.

Personal Accident Insurance

Think for a moment, what all can happen in an accidental death of breadwinner in a family? Unarguably a mishap not only devastate your finances but also leave surviving partner in extreme distress. Personal accident insurance plans help you ease financial strain of day to day spending while helping your loved ones maintain an existing standard of living when a fatal accident happen to you or your spouse.

Personal accident insurance covers:

  • Accidental death
  • Permanent total disability
  • Permanent partial disability
  • Accidental dismemberment
  • Medical, hospitalization expenses
  • Child education support
  • Life support benefit

A death or dismemberment in a serious accident leave surviving family members in dire financial straits. Cover the death or pause in an income caused due to death, disability, partial disability with personal accident insurance plans.

Marine Insurance

Businesses today are no longer restricted to boundaries. Further, the value of goods shipped by the business firms each year costs billions of rupees.

Damage, theft, fire, crashing, overturning, derailment or accidents while carrying, goods are exposed to numerous perils, risks associated with transportation.  Being a buyer, seller, importer, exporter and contractor if you too are engaged in a business of movement of goods, marine insurance is for you.

Marine insurance gives protection from risks regarding loss and damage during the transportation of goods. Where modern businesses are no longer restricted to boundaries, a marine insurance policy caters to both importers and exporters' needs.

Marine or cargo insurance coverage transit at a glance:

  • Water
  • Air
  • Road or Rail
  • Registered Post Parcel
  • Courier

What is insured?

  • Maritime perils associated with earthquake, collision, storm, fire, smoke, water
  • Extraneous perils like faults in loading, carrying and unloading of goods
  • Covers loss caused due to delay in delivery
  • Loss or damage due to insolvency of ship owner
  • Protection during the transit and storage of goods

Take immediate steps to minimize risks and get comprehensive coverage during transit and storage of goods.

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance to its broadest form is designed to pay for costs that may arise when you're travelling. Unarguably, medical treatment overseas is expensive. Sometimes, planned trips leads to haywire due to unforeseen events like flight delays, loss of passport, baggage, illness, accident, death, disability and so on. If you have travel insurance

At one end where traveling create memories of lifetime, encountering with unexpected events holds the likelihood to make your exciting journey less pleasurable. For an absolute sense of security and comprehensive coverage, the need of travel insurance cannot be underestimated.

Travel insurance covers:

  • Loss of baggage
  • Accidents
  • Injuries
  • Illnesses
  • Hospitalization
  • Flight delay
  • Trip cancellation
  • Lost or stolen luggage

Insure yourself against financial disaster and get the best possible coverage. Enjoy your holidays without worrying much about the uncertainties involved.