This is first time, I will get refund from Income Tax, thanks for the planning, which I never thought all these yearsAnil Palekar
Even after retirement my cash flows are better and tax efficientPushpa Shetye
Appreciate for the prompt service and proper reports for tax calculationsTembey-Mhatre CA
Appreciate investor centric approach in building portfolioSanjay Agarwal
Earlier we used to park our funds in Bank FDs, but now we are parking in Mutual Funds, with better tax efficient returns and higher liquidityVirgotech Marine Engineering Pvt Ltd
Thanks for opening my eyes, now my 80-C contribution goes to ELSS.Utpal Shah
I was having flexi deposit scheme in my Bank, but not happy with transparency and the returns, now with same concept I am better of in MF with your help, with full transparency, tax free returns and liquidity.Siddhartha
Looking at the benefits in the Mutual Funds then any other investment products, I said good bye to all traditional investment products.Poornima Neroorkar
Daily returns in Savings a/c ?? I never believed but experienced the same with liquid mutual funds.Arpit Dedhia

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