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Client Stories

This is first time, I will get refund from Income Tax, thanks for the planning, which I never thought all these years

– Anil Palekar

Even after retirement my cash flows are better and tax efficient

– Pushpa Shetye

Appreciate for the prompt service and proper reports for tax calculations

– Tembey-Mhatre CA

Appreciate investor centric approach in building portfolio

– Sanjay Agarwal

Earlier we used to park our funds in Bank FDs, but now we are parking in Mutual Funds, with better tax efficient returns and higher liquidity

– Virgotech Marine Engineering Pvt Ltd

Thanks for opening my eyes, now my 80-C contribution goes to ELSS.

– Utpal Shah

I was having flexi deposit scheme in my Bank, but not happy with transparency and the returns, now with same concept I am better of in MF with your help, with full transparency, tax free returns and liquidity.

– Siddhartha

Looking at the benefits in the Mutual Funds then any other investment products, I said good bye to all traditional investment products.

– Poornima Neroorkar

Daily returns in Savings a/c ?? I never believed but experienced the same with liquid mutual funds.

– Arpit Dedhia