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Depositary Services

In Association with Ventura, a depository participant of National Securities Depository Limited (NSDL) we provide consultancy on depositary services to our clients. When it comes to converting your physical holdings into electronic forms there is nothing like depositary services.

What is depositary?

Depositary is an organization which holds securities in electronic form just like bank holds your money. Akin to bank transfer funds, a depositary transfers your securities without actually handling securities.

Need of Depositary:

Unarguably, trading in physical segment is loaded with inefficiencies due to handling of large volume of certificates. The most common problem pertains to delay in transfer, settlement, loss in transit, forgery certificates, postal losses, court cases, litigation and even stolen certificates.

We have a team of qualified professionals focused towards handling a variety of services:

  • Account opening
  • Dematerialization
  • Processing delivery and receipt instructions
  • Account statement
  • Re-materialisation
  • Pledging
  • Nomination
  • Transmission of securities
  • Change in address
  • Bank account

The benefits of participation in a depository are:

  • Immediate transfer of securities
  • Immediate registration of securities
  • Reduction in transaction cost
  • Elimination of risks associated with physical certificates
  • Elimination of bad deliveries
  • Faster settlement cycles
  • Faster receipt of securities
  • Ease of portfolio monitoring
  • Waiver of stamp duty

Obtain dependable and secure depositary services at an affordable cost, get started today!